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Doctors for Health PC was established by Dr. David Sharp, a board certified Internist, who trained in Omaha at the Nebraska Medical Center. He has more than 15 years of experience in private practice.

     Sheena Weihe, RN, BSN, had experience working in both hospital and outpatient clinical settings. She has training in dietary health, a degree in Exercise Science, and a bachelor degree in nursing from the Nebraska Medical Center. 

      Shannon Butler, RN, BSN, also had experience working in the hospital clinical setting and at the Medical Access Center for Lakeside hospital. She has training in dietary health, a degree in Exercise Science, and a bachelor degree in nursing from the Nebraska Medical Center.

     West Omaha's first Concierge Medical practice where membership provides you personalized medical care: 24-hours a day, seven days a week in a 'private home-like' setting. 

     Members who join, are promised contact through the easiest means of communication for them...THIS IS YOUR PRIVATE PRACTICE. Please contact your healthcare provider by phone, text, email, or individual appointments in the 'private home-like setting'.
David G. Sharp  DO, MS, FACOI
Sheena Weihe  RN, BSN
Shannon Butler RN, BSN
This is YOUR Private Practice!
     We are excited to announce the opening of West Omaha's newest and highly desired Concierge Medicine practice, which has joined Private Physicians Medical Practice concierge physician services
Doctors for Health is now open! Please stop by to take a tour, ask questions, and meet our staff!